If you are looking for a quality service and reliable products, TradeMax is the answer. In the current competitive market, you must ensure that your site has the followings:

Site Browsing

·  Speed of the web pages

·  Spooling of the functional pages

·  S.E.O presence on search Engines

·  Optimization on your web presence BE sites

These are the basics as well as the most effective key points that every site has to be re-considered when it comes to performance analysis and that’s the reason they lack competitiveness to withstand against competitor’s site.

 SOLUTION: YES. We have a solution and we have taken care of this aspect.

•  We have proven skill set to resolve the problems like speed, problems occurring due to false setups, S.S.Ls, unwanted Logs causing the webpages to load inappropriately etc

•  Skilled technical professionals who take care of all these fear factors for Business solutions at the time of project development itself.

•  Trained support professionals who have the know hows of pure hosting support and technical aspects on the database and server side

       You will surely experience the difference


There were many problems related to W3C compliancy when it came to W3C errors.

TradeMax can do it in seconds… So now - Business Edge Sites now W3C Compliant – 100 %
SMARTPHONE (MOBILE) COMPATIBLE SITES in DNN We will be customizing the DNN websites by integrating a module that redirects mobile users to the desired site, typically a site adapted to mobile devices. This custom module can detect the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android and Symbion OS, Windows Phone 7 and redirect each of these devices to the specified URL.

Business Edge 5.0 Features

WSI  Business Edge 5 offers you an advanced platform with a library of modules allowing  you to provide your clients with a solution uniquely tailored to their needs.

New Functionality Included in  WSI  Business Edge 5:

Aside from upgrading the DNN core to version 5.2.3, here are five new features:

1. Made a mistake? No problem.

The new Archived and Rollback feature tracks every change you make to a page. Deleted a page by accident? Edited it by mistake? You can always restore it.

2. Looking for directions?

Perfect for SMBs. With Business Edge 5, you can integrate Google Maps into your site, including driving directions. Visitors will never have a problem finding your company.

3. Increase productivity by storing your documents online.

Turn your website into a powerful document system. You can set who can view, edit, and approve changes made to any documents. Are you waiting for someone to update a document? No worries. You can set it with notifications.

4. Looking for more exposure?

Broadcast your site to over 69 social sites and different online communities. Popular sites include: Digg,, Google Bookmarks, Facebook, Reddit, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter and more!

5. Spice up your site with Web 2.0.

Present your content with a Web 2.0 Content Editor. No flash or java required. No coding required. It’s easy to set up and showcase pictures, videos, audio, and text.
What else is new?
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