Did You Know
  • Shoppers use the web to compare local prices before leaving home to buy.

  • Consumers now search the web for businesses instead of looking through the phone book.

  • Web searches generate more in-store sales every day.

  • The fastest way to increase sales is being found in local web searches.

  • Local web searches traffic to businesses than the phone book.

  • Prospects are trying to find your business on the web right now.

Web Conferencing Solutions

One of the many ways the Internet is changing the face of business is through its ability to bring customers, vendors and employees closer together regardless of where they may be in the world. What started years ago with websites and email has evolved into real-time audio and video communication with Web conferencing. Thanks to our partnership with WebExTM-- the world leader in Web conferencing--our clients have already begun to enjoy the numerous benefits of this revolutionary technology.

Let's Meet on the Web!

You may already be familiar with the concept of telephone "conference calls", a widely used technology for many years that allows people in different locations to share in the same phone call. While useful, participants in a conference call can only hear each other (and sometimes just barely); they can't view a presenter's slides or notes, give feedback on a design, or really take advantage of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting. Web Conferencing changes that by allowing conference participants to not only speak to and hear each other, but also share notes, view multimedia presentations, even work through ideas on an electronic white board. 
Web conferencing is great for general meetings, sales presentations, training, brainstorming sessions and more! 

Here are just a few of the time-saving features offered by Web conferencing from WSI and WebExTM:

  • Private meeting room branded with your company logo, look and feel
  • Real-time voice communication and text chat for participants
  • Streaming audio, video and animation for powerful presentations
  • interactive "white board" features - draw notes directly on your screen
  • Share files, applications, Web browser windows, even your PC's desktop!

Thousands of businesses are already taking advantage of Web conferencing to reduce travel expenses, increase productivity and offer their employees more work flexibility. Compare that to a telephone call and the advantages of Web conferencing become clear as a bell.
To learn more about how Web conferencing can help your business communicate and collaborate more efficiently and to view a demo, Contact your TradeMax Internet Consultant today!

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