Google For Works Benefits

Watch our video to discover a better way of working with Google Apps for Work

 ”Our service includes sustained support in terms of internal communication and change management, to allow your employees to become real actors in this innovative high added value process.”

At TradeMax we been helping companies enhance their digital communication for a long time, starting and growing thanks to partnerships with legacy IT solution providers and the perfecting of our change management strategies. Throughout these years we have acquired a varied, wide and deep expertise to handle all aspects of change in IT, from technical deployments and migrations, and communications. Our approach is unique to our group and has been key in our successful adoption and evangelizing of cloud IT.

Since 2006, we have been part of Google’s trusted Premier Enterprise partner in Oman, one of the first in the region. We merged our IT expertise with cloud computing technology empowering us to acquire a unique know-how of collaboration oriented IT environments with Intranets and Internal video channels. Indeed, we are proud to enable a full integration ofGoogle Technology with on-premise IT applications to optimize your processes.

Our vantage point has provided us with a success that speaks for itself, with over 900,000 Google Apps accounts deployed, with more than 100 leading companies and 1200 corporate accounts entrusting us. We’re still growing with a team of over 110 collaborators to assist at all times and the second largest Google Apps for education deployment under our belt. Take advantage of our strong and unique experience in Cloud Technology and enjoy our complete range of services to bring the full benefits of SaaS to your organisation and its members.

Communicate with customers more effectively

Coordinate your team with sharable calendars

Collaborate anywhere, from any device

Watch our video to discover a better way of working with Google Apps for Work


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