Build traffic

  • Have you stopped getting a significant number of new leads from your website?
  • Have your conversions from leads to sales dropped off?
  • Are your email mailing lists stale and not performing drastically reducing your ROI

Imagine walking into your office every morning and finding ten hot leads flowing into your inbox. Using the technology of the Internet you can now have leads generated and sent to you on a daily basis.

How Does Lead Generation Work?

There are agencies that specialize in providing qualified leads to businesses at a cost. The process of lead generation is actually very easy. A company develops a website or partnerships with several websites in which they promote and advertise your product or service. A consumer finds these directories or informational sites and they are able to complete an online quote request form. This form is submitted to this company. The buyer’s information is verified and matched to the appropriate providers. These matched leads are then sent via email to the prospective providers with full contact information and purchasing requirements.

What Business Industries use Lead Generation?

Lead generation could work for just about any business, but most industries using this type of marketing include insurance brokers, education institutions, office suppliers, and furniture stores. Trends show that lead generation will become even more popular in the future, especially for service oriented businesses.

Why Use Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a win-win for both the buyer and seller. A buyer is able to request information from several businesses that offer the product or service that they are looking for and the seller is given the opportunity to pitch their product or service to someone who has given them permission. Conversion rates on leads that you receive often have a higher conversion success rate than cold contacts because the prospect is prequalified, before you ever receive the lead.

Lead generation has become popular with businesses because it enables a business to:

  • Determine pricing on a per lead basis
  • Choose the product or service they wish to offer to prospects
  • Select the geographical area that the business is interested in
  • Control the number of leads a business wishes to receive per month (this assists with budgeting)
  • Pay only for the leads that are received
Build Targeted Traffic

Once your company establishes an online presence, the next step is to market your online business system to your potential customers. Lead generation is another core component in the WSI Internet Marketing System, and it is one of the greatest challenges most companies encounter. WSI is prepared to offer a complete and measureable lead generation strategy, which includes various Internet marketing campaigns driving targeted traffic to your website.

We are in the midst of a internet media revolution where Internet advertising and social media marketing is exploding at a rapid pace. According to a 2009 study conducted by, 71 percent of SMB owners surveyed will increase their email marketing spending in 2010, and 68.3 percent will increase their social media spending. As spending on traditional forms of media continue to decline, 79.6 percent will NOT run television ads, and 72.7 percent will NOT run radio ads. According to the same survey, SMBs rate the most important marketing tools for 2010 as: search engine marketing, public relations, email marketing and social media.

One of WSI’s specialties, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, a leading form of search engine marketing, allows our Internet Marketing Consultants to offer client the equivalent of a customer-seeking smart bomb. PPC allows companies to reach consumers when they are actively searching for products and services, sending potential customers straight to their business. 

In fact, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become the most cost-effective way to reach customers, and offers unprecedented targeting capabilities. WSI Internet Marketing Consultants use unique SEM tools and business processes, combined with techniques like web ads, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC, mobile marketing campaigns, social media strategies and targeted email campaigns to ensure your company attracts the highest possible volume of targeted traffic, sending qualified buyers straight to your website or custom landing pages at critical moments in the buying cycle.

A Certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultant will deliver highly qualified visitor traffic to your website that maximizes your return on investment (ROI).

Build Targeted Website Traffic

Why use a cannon to kill a mosquito?”

The wisdom of this Japanese proverb unveils the truth about advertising in traditional media such as TV, radio, newspapers and direct mail.

They usually quote their ad rates by CPM or “Cost per Thousand” people, to make the cost easier to digest. What they’re not telling you however is the cost to reach 1000 customer prospects for your business is actually much higher because only a percentage of their audience (often a small percentage) are qualified prospects. These outlets rely on vague demographics in hopes of reaching a specific group of people, but the targeting is often quite limited. Show us a group of 1000 “18 to 34 year-old males” in your city and we’ll show you 1000 different consumers!

Would you advertise retirement packages to teens? 

Or veterinary services to consumers without pets?

It used to be you had to pay to hit tens of thousands of unqualified prospects to meet your advertising goals because there was no alternative. Like the cannon used to kill a mosquito, a lot of firepower (your advertising budget) was wasted.

With the Internet that’s all changed.

Search engine marketing has become the most cost-effective way to reach your customers and offers unprecedented targeting capabilities.

At WSI we use unique tools and business processes, combined with techniques like Web ads, Search Engine Optimization, Guaranteed Inclusion advertising, among others, to ensure your business attracts the highest volume of targeted Web traffic possible.

One of our specialties, Pay-Per-Click advertising which is the leading form of search engine advertising, is the equivalent of a customer-seeking smart bomb. PPC allows you to reach consumers when they are actively searchingfor your products or services, sending qualified buyers straight to your business.

This is achieved by bidding on specific search terms, or keywords, people use to find things online (your city flowers, tubular steel, women’s shoes, your country molded plastics supply, just to name a few of the countless possible terms a business can bid on). Your ad will show whenever your search terms are used. When a consumer clicks on your ad, you pay the nominal fee you bid on for that search term.

PPC (also known as Pay for Performance advertising), allows for complete control of your costs because you only pay when your ad is clicked on. If your ad is displayed 1000 times and one person clicks on it, you only pay for one click!

Try our interactive WSI IM Pay-Per-Click Calculator to get an idea of the kind of Return on Investment you can expect from a PPC advertising campaign to increase your web site traffic.