Google Analytics

What's New Mobile Analytics, Intelligence Alerts Widget, & Browser Size Analysis

With mobile becoming an important communication and sales channel, we're excited to integrate even more mobile tools into Analytics this month. Download the new Analytics App to view your Analytics account on your mobile phone. We hope you discover even more ways to use these new reports and features to improve your business.

Measure your mobile application with Analytics Mobile App Analytics provides end-to-end measurement of the entire customer journey within a mobile application. It enables mobile developers and marketers to create more successful apps and user experiences by measuring metrics at all stages: from acquisition metrics such as new/active user; engagement metrics such as visitor flow, loyalty, and app crashes; and outcome metrics such as goal conversions and in-app purchases. We're slowly rolling out this feature, and it will be available to all by the end of summer Learn More

The Intelligence Alerts Widget makes it easier to spot unexpected changes on your website Your automatic and custom alerts are now in your dashboard! No need to click on the Intelligence tab or check your email to see alerts. In your dashboard, you can see a timeline graph of the number of automatic/custom alerts. If you are curious for more details or there is spike in the number of alerts, click on the widget, and it will lead you to the appropriate reports. Learn More

Browser size analysis: find out what your visitors actually see What is actually "above the fold" on a webpage is a significant factor in conversion rates, so we've created a visualization that lets you quickly determine which portions of your page are visible to which percentages of visitors. Find it in your Analytics account in the Content section under In-Page Analytics Learn More

Google Analytics App Data at your fingertips: the Google Analytics app for Android With the Google Analytics App, you can access the same accounts and profiles you see when you open Analytics from a desktop browser, but you'll see reports that are optimized for your phone. Swipe through these reports to see the essential data about your websites and apps anywhere, anytime. Learn More

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