Payment Gateway

In association with our partners, TradeMax can provide Payment Gateway which enable online merchants to accept payment from millions of consumers who live in this region. Payment Gateway will facilitate these transactions by connecting International or Local Merchants to huge potential consumers who hold millions of local debit or credit cards and take the roll of a Dynamic Currency Exchange Platform .

As a first time millions of wealthy people can become the merchant website new customer by using their own local cards.

  • Online Settlements
  • Online Authorization
  • Online Reversals
  • Merchant Integration
  • Security
  • Merchant Account Support
  • Multiple e Payment Channels
  • Reports and Management
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Authenticated Payments
  • Currencies and Networks

Online Settlements

  • Multiple and customizable Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) format support
  • Flexible end-of-day timing for merchants to define their settlement cycle and time
  • Flexible end-of-day timing for the Acquiring Banks to ensure all settlements are performed at a time of convenience for the bank and its merchants
  • Full, partial and balance settlements to cater for different types of settlements

Online Authorization

  • Easy processing of each transaction in a real time.

Online Reversals

  • Full and partial reversal of authorised amount for cases where the customer asks for the cancellation of an order or where the merchant is unable to deliver ( subject to each network availability)

Merchant Integration

  • A plug-in is provided to integrate the merchant's system with all the leading operating systems and web server platforms
  • Easy integration with stand-alone applications, whether developed in-house or purchased
  • Open published APIs for tighter integration with merchant's processes and systems
  • Open standards based XML structure for all transactional information which simplifies integration
  • Support for all leading shopping cards


  • Merchant authentication through the use of digital certificates, ensuring the highest level of encryption currently available (currently a 128 bit SSL with 196 bit keys)
  • A simple range of buyer authentication mechanisms including:
    1. Card Number
    2. Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) and/or Card Personal Information number (PIN)
    3. Card Expiry date

Merchant Account Support

Broad range of merchant features linking:

  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Multiple payment accounts
  • Multiple currency acceptance

Multiple e Payment Channels

  • Internet based online Payments
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR Support)
  • Internet/dedicated kiosks
  • Physical and Virtual Pos
  • SMS payment gateway and Java based application for mobiles.

Reports and Management

  • Web based reporting interface for anytime, anywhere access to key information related to transactions.
    This interface is secured and authenticated by digital certificates.
  • SMIME (encrypted email) based reporting of transactional information.
  • Downloadable Coma Separated Values (CSV) and Excel (XLS) formats to adapt to any custom reporting requirements.
  • Reconciliation services available to reconcile data between the merchant, Live and the banks.
  • Transaction management support.
  • Detailed transaction history reports provided on request.

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