Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume of traffic to your website by making its content more search engine and user friendly. Natural/organic (unpaid) S.E.O creates a strong online presence and provides long term benefits that far outweigh the quick and easy Pay per Click (P.P.C) option. 

SEO success depends on how Website Contents Copywritting has been done. TradeMax is a leading SEO & Website Contents copywritting company in Oman.

Most Popular search engines like Google and Yahoo rank websites with organic S.E.O higher than others. Hence S.E.O is a valuable marketing strategy that increases your visibility among your targeted customers without breaking your budget. Also, since the people who visit your website (because of its high ranking in organic search pages) are interested in your product or service, your ROI and Conversion Rate will improve dramatically. 

Making your website more search engine friendly is not as easy as it sounds. SEO requires in depth knowledge of the way search engines work as well as strategies that will get you that high ranking. G.T.O has the knowledge and experience to take you to the top. Our team of S.E.O and S.E.M specialists will audit your website and apply the right optimization techniques to ensure higher rankings in the search result pages. Our expertise will help create a strong online presence and attract the kind of customers you are looking for.

S.E.O Advantages include:

  • Long term high ranking for certain keywords and phrases.
  • Only your targeted audience will reach you for your specified keywords.
  • Improved Conversion Rates & ROI for your business.
  • Increased visibility for your online presence over time
  • Long sustainable results for your online business.
  • Best Website with Copywritting Contents
Our SEO Packages include:

Feature Basic Advanced Aggressive
Business Analysis Research
Keywords Research
Keywords Selection
Payment Settings
On site S.E.O
Off site S.E.O
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking
Competitor Analysis
Directory submission
Advanced Social Media Optimization
Reporting & Analysis
Blog Marketing & Articles Management
Videos Optimization
Image Optimization
Content Management
Traffic Analysis
Landing Pages S.E.O

The most successful strategy to enable your target audience to find you on the Internet today is Search Engine Optimisation Search Engines and Directories generate over 85% of Web traffic from users who are searching the Web for information and services. Website pages must be optimised to ensure that top search engines and directories can drive the greatest amount of traffic to your Website.

Search Engine Marketing is not easy. Getting Page 1 ranking for the organic, paid for or Local Search results takes time, effort and patience - to find out why check this bulliant inforgraphic out first!

Search Engine Optimisation is a structured method used to improve the position of your Website pages in search results for your selected keywords or key phrases.

Search Engine Optimisation is critical to any successful Website. You need your Website to appear as high as possible on the organic search engine results for your selected keywords and key phrases.

Our Optimisation Service ensures that your Website pages gain the highest possible positioning for each search engine. Then, through our Search Engine Maintenance Plans, we maximise search engine registration through ongoing site monitoring, reporting and periodic re-optimisation if necessary.

Our Optimisation Services include: Key Phrase Ana121lysis – market research to identify the best key phrases to use when optimising your site. A statistical analysis is performed around the number of searches conducted on the Internet for the required key phrases for your Website and the number of competing Websites/WebPages for those key phrases. We use this analysis to determine with you which key phrases will bring the most effective and targeted traffic to your Website.

Website and Content Analysis – a detailed analysis of all content will be optimised for key phrases, including editing of copy for keyword density, frequency and distribution. Meta tags, descriptions and Keywords are created for each optimised page and for the titles of adjacent pages. In addition your site will be reviewed for Website usability, call to action evaluation and the benefits of your Unique Selling Proposition.

Google Site Map production and "Spiderabilty" Testing - Site Maps are made available to the top Search Engines that drive more than 85% of all Search Engine traffic.

Directory Submissions - research and selection of the most appropriate categories for Directories is carried out and titles and descriptions for each Directory are created for submission.

Link Building Services - the number and quality of links to and from your Website is becoming increasingly critical in achieving high search rankings for Websites that have been optimised for search engines. Most of the major search engines now factor link popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of links to your site will improve your Search Engine rankings. If there are no targeted links to your site, your search engine rankings will suffer. We use a methodical process of improving your Website’s link popularity and therefore your search engine rankings by:

  • Identifying Linking Candidates – based upon the Website Analysis and market research, we identify link partner candidates for link building.
  • Qualifying Linking Candidates – during this process we review each potential linking candidate site individually, checking their market relevance to your site.
  • Writing Link Text – we will write Search Engine friendly link anchor text together with compelling relevant descriptive content.

Effective Search Engine Optimisation is a highly skilled and time consuming activity. For it to be successful it needs to be carried out by a specialist company.

Over time, Search Engine Optimisation is by far the most cost effective way of attracting visitors to your site.

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