Oman facebook Usage & Statistics

Total Facebook Users 548940
Position in the list 102
Penetration of population 18.50%
Penetration of online population 44.39%
Average CPC $0.36
Average CPM $0.06

Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 548940 Facebook users in the Oman, which makes it #102 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country.

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Our social networking statistics show that Facebook penetration in Oman is 18.50% compared to the country's population and 44.39% in relation to number of Internet users.

The total number of FB users in Oman is reaching 548940 and grew by more than 93320 in the last 6 months. Comparing these nearest countries by penetration of Facebook users shows that Oman has 0.57% higher FB penetration than Bolivia and 0.02% lower FB penetration than Guyana.

Oman Facebook demographics is other social media statistics we monitor. The largest age group is currently 25 - 34 with total of 241 534 users, followed by the users in the age of 18 - 24.

There are 72% male users and 28% female users in Oman, compared to 55% and 45% in Cyprus and 63% and 37% in Cameroon .

On the graph below you can see that the biggest gain in the last 3 months was recorded by the age group of 25 - 34.