Competitor Analysis

Whether it's putting together a Marcomms Plan, or working out what's the best strategy to enter a new market or grow your market share then often a vital place to start is with some in depth Competitor Analysis.

WSI not only has some unique proprietary tools to help you get a clear view of what your competitors are doing right now, and what approach you might take to achieve your business goals (such as WSI Webscan) but we can help you establish a comprehensive set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Why are KPIs important? Well, as you implement your strategy, it is important that not only do you benchmark your performance against your own business goals, but also have a clear view of your benchmarks against your key competition too. Most operate not in a 'static market place' but one that is changing fast, and your clients or customers will be constantly comparing and contrasting you and your brand against the competition.

So this market intelligence is vital if you are going to succeed, but unlike years ago where this type of analysis sometimes took the resources of a whole department, we can work with you to create a simple yet comprehensive report, monthly, quarterly or as often as you as a team need it.

Not information for information sake, but rather a succinct analysis that allows you to make sensible investment and management decisions based on fact, rather than guesswork We can create a dashboard and show you how well your website stacks up against your competitors. So you can track over time that the improvement that your web developers (and marketing team) are making are delivering against the competition, and also keep an eye on the investment and progress your competition are making (this is all part of good reputational management).

The comparison view allows you to compare detailed results for two websites, or even for the same website at two different times. If you have several websites, you can compare one site against another.

Normally we charge £500 per website but if we are comparing your website and up to 4 of your top competitors then we apply a 50% discount and if you want to repeat the benchmark (say every 6 or 12 months) to track your progress with your website improvement and online marketing (including Social Media) then we charge just either a half day rate £565 or a full day £995 depending on the level of detailed benchmark you require. To find out more call +968 72444424  now and ask to speak about competitor analysis.

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