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You've probably heard of "the paperless office", an idea that has been made possible by the mass adoption of computers in businesses of all sizes across every industry. While not many businesses can truly say they are "paperless", computers have significantly reduced day-to-day paper needs, lowering expenses and lessening the impact on our natural resources. But with the growth of electronic document storage comes a new challenge; what if you need to share files saved on one computer with an entire team of employees, each using a different computer? Or maybe with different departments or even remote offices? Using email isn't always practical, especially when dealing with larger files, and other methods such as FTP can be too complicated and lack administrative capabilities.

The Solution - The WSI Document Management System.

The Document Management System acts as an online hub -a central collaboration center- that stores your files, allows you to track revisions, authors and more. Because it's a Web-based system, your employees or team members can access it from anywhere that has an Internet connection (great for telecommuting!). Access to the system and to specific folders and files within can be controlled with unique usernames and passwords. This allows your Document Management System to be used by different teams or departments, only allowing users access to the files that they are assigned to work on. It is a flexible solution that makes collaboration more efficient and simplifies even complex filing needs.

Here are some of the key features of the Document Management System:

  • Share all kinds of files from a central Web-based system
  • Completely customizable filing system to suit your needs
  • Track revisions, authors, document ratings and comments
  • Permission-based: users can only access the files they're assigned to
  • Reporting feature for security and work performance monitoring

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With effective central file sharing, storing, reporting, filing, and efficient collaboration, we provide document management tools that truly define the meaning of document management systems.

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