Facebook usage in the Middle East

Facebook usage in the Middle East Rises

  • Statistics released by comScorereport that Facebookgrowth in the Middle East and Africa was quite significant between June 2007 and June 2008
  • In June 2008, there were 14.95 million Facebookusers in the Middle East, a 403% increase over the 2.97 million users in the previous year

Facebook users in Select Middle Eastern Countries

  • Recent statistics show that Israel has one of the largest Facebookpopulations in the Middle East
  • There are approximately 2.87 million Facebookusers in Israel, and about 2.25 million Facebookusers in Saudi Arabia Facebookusers in the UAE reached approximately 1.62 million
  • Other countries with high Facebookusage include Lebanon and Jordan with a Facebookpopulation of 925,000

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E-Commerce to total
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