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Have You Had a Competitive Analysis of Your Website?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time you contacted TradeMax Consultant for your WebScan™. Why? Because you can’t do business if your customers can't find you!

The ability for your business to be found easily online relies on your ranking within the top Internet search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Your WSI WebScan™ Report can help you to fully understand your current ranking within these search engines and what you can do to improve your position. Ranking among the top search engine results can be more effective than any advertising you’ve ever done for your business combined.

Your TradeMax Consultant uses the WSI WebScan to create an accurate picture of where your website is positioned against other businesses within your industry on the Web including: 

1. Your business’ ranking in the top search engines as compared to your competitors’ 

   2. A high level review of key elements on your site that may be hindering your business’ ability to
        attract and convert visitors into customers 

   3. Recommendations on what you can do to improve your competitiveness on the Interne

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Effective webScan solutions

What is WebScan?

WSI WebScan is a powerful website analysis and reporting tool that makes it easy to:

  • Test search engine optimisation and performance
  • Check accessibility and compliance
  • Spell check an entire website
  • Detect technical problems
  • And much more

All of these tests can be conducted on your own websites and your competitors as-well.

Assess and Manage you Online Credibility.

It is important to  know how important “Word of Mouth” marketing is and with the power of the Internet it is even more important.

Web visitors are more inclined to buy your products, services or solutions when they verify your credibility.

How to achieving Online Credibility?

On line credibility is achieved through highly targeted and relevant content that gives real substance to your word of mouth marketing. You need a sticky site, one that your website visitor can enjoy and get all the information about your product or service.

How to achieve Online Testimonials?

By displaying customer testimonials on relevant web pages can increase your conversion rate as visitors relate to and verify the validity of your claims. We recommend that you use audio, video and written testimonials to increase your online credibility and improve the chance of your visitor becoming your customer.

The use of Social Media

By using social media to distribute your content to channels such as blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook,  Squidoo, Hub Pages, Flickr and many more will initiate the conversation that contributes to your word of mouth marketing

Please call us now to develop you a content marketing blueprint that will build your online credibility & increase your sales via online marketing strategy.

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