Then our Social Media Management Plan could be for you -This is what we'll do, we'll:

  • Analyse your current social media presence (you have one if you didn't think you had!) – to determine what’s working and what isn’t
  • Create a strategy that takes into account your branding, website, blogs and current marketing plans (charged as a stand alone half day consultation unless there is a 12 month contact in place)
  • Create and Implement a WordPress based blog that drives traffic to your website or, (if you already have one), integrate it fully with your 3 chosen Social Media (the hub for creating regular updated content online which is vital as on the web 'Content IS King!')
  • Create 2 original blog articles for you per month (you can ask for more if wanted/needed beyond this base plan). Previously this was an 'added extra' but so many clients couldn't find the time to write their own articles, we've now included it in the package 'as standard!'
  • SEO and post your articles to your blog for you at least every 2 weeks
  • Set up three social networking accounts – for example 3 of either Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Foursquare – in-line with your company’s branding and your strategy, or revise existing accounts ensuring a cohesive look and feel
  • Update your feeds at least three times a week with agreed upon content, integrating that content across your social networks where appropriate
  • Search social networks locating opportunities to interact with existing and potential customers
  • Get on a call with you each month to discuss progress on your social media marketing plan, and suggest ways to improve your online marketing so you can maximize your effort with the minimum time.

We can expand our Kick Start Plan, for an agreed additional fee, to include any of our services to better suit your company’s specific needs. For example, we can suggest and implement improvements to your website or create a new website for your company.

and we'll do all this from just £539* per month!!

However, since launching the 'basic' plan some 18 months ago, the world of Social Media has continued to expand and build business value at an alarming rate! Pinterest has come from nowhere to one of the fastest growing Social Media today and with Google+ topping 100 million members businesses are demanding support to manage a much larger number of web presences. 

Custom Plans

Larger clients, or those that need a higher degree of engagement, through more frequent blog posts (which increases social media optimization for the search engines) or a broader range of social media to be covered, will have a custom plan created at the initial strategy meeting. The below table provides examples of monthly pricing dependent upon how many blog posts per month or social media that need to be covered.

For example, clients who have products or services that are attractive of have a visual element, often YouTube (including video testimonials) and Pinterest are useful additions to increase both the speed of impact and the ultimate return on investment of money and time.


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