Targeted Lead Marketing

The Internet marketing space is no longer a playground for amateurs. It is an advanced, fast-changing, high-profit arena for experts like our WSI Consultants who practice the scientific discipline of online marketing. It opens up several doors for the uninitiated and those standing on the sidelines wondering where to start. Targeted lead marketing is one of the strongest ways many companies leverage the power of the Internet.

Elements of a Lead Marketing Campaign

An effective, targeted lead marketing campaign is the ongoing discipline of fostering consistent and meaningful interaction with potential customers, regardless of where they are in the buying cycle. There are innovative, cost-effective and customer relationship-friendly methods that you can utilize to ensure that you are continuously on your prospect's radar, such as those mentioned above.

Goal of a Lead Marketing Campaign

When you implement a targeted lead marketing mechanism, you are able to help your clients capture and cultivate early-stage leads so their marketing and sales funnel never misses out on valuable opportunities. Lead marketing involves two main practices: email marketing and lead nurturing.

What is Email Marketing?

Although email marketing often gets lumped in with SPAM, it is not the same thing. Email marketing is solicited email that the consumer looks forward to receiving. It is a powerful tool and establishes the business as professional, branded and consistent. An ongoing email received once a month from a business may lead to a sale down the road. This is called drip marketing and is particularly popular with high priced items such as real estate and automobiles.

It is important to gather a high quality list rather than purchase one. Contact current customers, have a sign-up sheet at the business, get staff involved and make the email something they pass on to their friends. Emails should have simple fonts, short messages, above the fold and should have a call to action. Landing pages should be used to assist in the analytics. Appeal to a person's human need with a powerful headline and ensure there is a subscribe / unsubscribe option.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a relationship-building approach utilizing multiple media to provide relevant information tailored to prospects while engaging in an ongoing dialog until qualified prospects are "sales ready". Lead nurturing has become an integral component of an overall marketing strategy. These "drip marketing" lead nurturing programs can consist of educational material, newsletters, whitepapers, case studies or invitations to events - any series of regular communication that keeps your company name "top of mind" among leads.

WSI Consultants must practice this marketing strategy to get qualified leads and an effective use of this strategy can result into a healthy funnel, shorter sales cycles and better Return on Investment (ROI). Apart from qualified leads, if the use of various educational material is done appropriately, this can lead to building your personal brand as an Internet marketing expert.

How Do You Monetize This Service?

At the same time, all small to medium sized businesses want to generate qualified leads, giving you an opportunity to help them define an online targeted lead marketing strategy that initially focuses on email marketing campaigns, segment their database and then create a content marketing plan to serve the most relevant needs of their target audience.

Once you have a closed deal, look at the available Suppliers within the eMarketplace that can help you automate a lead nurturing system, those who can help you write the email newsletters for your client and also produce other content pieces that your client can use to market their product and services.

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